SMBC Vision

The vision of Sardis Missionary Baptist Church is to be a place:

  • where God’s Word is exalted in authority, studied with expectation, taught with relevance, heard with anticipation & obeyed with passion; where the preaching is encouraging, positive and practical.
  • where prayer is the under-girding and engulfing medium for all we do and for every initiative we take.
  • where God is worshiped joyfully and reverently; where the music is Christ-honoring and relevant; where worship is a significant event which encourages believers and transforms them into the triumphant servants of God; where worship communicates to the visitor the greatness of our God, the joyfulness of the Christian life, and the emptiness of life without Jesus.
  • where the Gospel is the underlying theme; where grace is accepted and extended; where the salvation of souls is the norm, not the exception; where love for people springs from love for God; where joy permeates the air; where people are in one spirit; where service is considered a privilege, not a burden.
  • where people are free to attempt great things for God; where taking risks for His kingdom is an exalted virtue; where people have nothing to prove and therefore nothing to lose; where creativity and innovation are honored, not feared; where all kinds of people serve God in diverse ways with mutual love, encouragement, respect, and unity.
  • where growth is not only welcomed, but anticipated as the norm; where the heartbeat of every person is for outreach and inclusion, not comfortable complacency and seclusion.
  • where children and youth are nurtured in the faith; adult, young and older, appreciated for their faithfulness; and elders are encouraged to be steadfast in service of the Lord and to stand for him in their world.
  • where the gracious, sacrificial and generous sharing of time, talents, gifts, and treasures of God’s people are managed responsibly to maximize its benefits for the kingdom of God and to proclaiming His glory.
  • where people find real help, experience real change and discover real answers; where marriages are healed and parent’s hearts are turned toward their children; where destructive lifestyles, habits, addictions and compulsions are forever jettisoned; where wasted lives are retrieved and new beginnings launched; and where the total person receives ministry, socially and spiritually.
  • where people’s hearts beat for God’s work around the world; where impact is made on lives across the street and around the world; where short-term workers regularly go out to minister internationally and return with a world perspective.
  • where the challenge of nurturing new, cutting-edge ministries becomes reality; where past traditions form the foundations for launching new innovations, not the ball and chain to impede them; where hundreds of lay men and women are effectively trained and actually entrusted with the work of the ministry; where partnerships are formed by networking with other ministries to further the cause of Christ.
  • where the issues of our culture are seriously addressed; where the community expects to find a viewpoint both practical and Godly, a viewpoint which must be taken seriously; where God’s people take stands in the community that are courageous and compassionate.
  • where every believer is equipped for a significant ministry by helping them discover the gifts and talents God gave them. Where the dream is to equip every believer for a significant ministry by helping them discover the gifts and talents God gave them through: Bible studies, discipleship, small groups, seminars, retreats, and a Bible school.
  • where He would declare, “Well done, thy good and faithful servants.”